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Top 10 Most Affordable 2017 Vehicles to Insure

By the Mercury Team

Top 10 Most Affordable 2017 Vehicles to Insure

IIHS Top Safety Pick-rated Honda Fit takes top honors; Small fuel-efficient vehicles fill Mercury Insurance’s most recent Top-10 list

Consumers who are in the market for a new vehicle in 2017 should note that all cars and trucks are not created equal in the realm of insurance. Buying a new vehicle doesn’t necessarily mean breaking New Year’s resolutions, though – some vehicles will save car shoppers money on their auto insurance, as shown on the most recent Mercury Insurance (NYSE: MCY) top-10 list.

Mercury’s research and development team recently examined the top 100 make/model combinations for the 2017 model year to compile a list of the least expensive new vehicles to insure. The list was created based on Mercury’s price for full coverage1 – liability, comprehensive and collision – in California.

Honda vehicles occupy three of the top four spots. Here is the complete top-10 list, beginning with the cheapest 2017 vehicle to insure.

  1. Honda Fit
  2. Ford Fiesta
  3. Honda CR-V
  4. Honda Pilot
  5. Mini Countryman
  6. Ford Edge
  7. Mazda 3
  8. Hyundai Elantra
  9. Toyota Sienna
  10. Nissan Versa

Car shoppers are extremely savvy today and are looking at the total cost of ownership and car insurance is one way to help lower this cost,” said Tom Coyne, auto line lead for Mercury Insurance. “Mercury compiles these top-10 lists to help our customers save money, and the vehicles on our ‘10 Most Affordable 2017 Vehicles to Insure’ list, led by the Honda Fit, are more than 10 percent cheaper to insure than the average of all cars and trucks Mercury insures.”

1 Other factors, such as a driver’s experience and accident history, can push the rate up or down, but were not included in the rate calculations.

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