Young woman learning how to drive a car.

Are You a Good Driver? Take Our Online Driving Quiz to Find Out!

By the Mercury Team

Whether you’re studying for your driver’s license test or you’re a seasoned veteran behind the wheel, a quick refresher on the rules of the road is always a great idea. This driving test quiz puts you in real-world driving scenarios that can make the difference when it comes to safe practices.

Need a quick refresher? Here are a few safe-driving tips any teen should know before operating a vehicle.

We have seven driving quiz questions to test your knowledge. Take the test below to see how well you know the rules of the road!

If one driver enters an intersection traveling straight and another is turning left, which driver has the right of way?

So you’ve aced our driving test quiz. Good job! Now you’re ready for the responsibility of getting out on the road. Before you begin driving, contact us today for a fast, free car insurance quote!

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