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Flying Solo at Firefly 2015

By the Mercury Team

Firefly has quickly grown into one of the top music festivals in the country, making it a must-attend event. As passionate music fans are preparing to see headliners Paul McCartney, The Killers and Snoop Dogg, some believe going alone is not an option … but, that’s not the case!

The idea of flying solo to a music festival with tens of thousands of people may seem daunting to some, so here are five tips to help you out:

  1. Work at Firefly. Someone has to work at Firefly, why not you? It takes a lot to put a successful music festival together, and they need people to help. There are different types of work options, all of which include pay, a custom Firefly FestWorks T-shirt, a discount for camping and one discounted four-day festival pass for only $139. This is a great way to get a behind-the-scenes experience at the festival, and to meet new people. The deadline for this year has already passed, but plan ahead for next year!
  2. Partner up. You’re not the only person going to Firefly alone. In fact, if you look at Firefly forums there are a large number people of traveling solo to the event. Some sites even organize meet-ups. Look around online to find out where they’re taking place. In other forums, festivalgoers who are attending alone post their contact information in case there are people who want to buddy up for camping and driving to the festival.
  3. Dress up. Festival apparel has always been festive with flower crowns, flowy tops and all around hippie-chic outfits. At Firefly, there will be plenty of people dressing up and getting into the festival spirit, but when going solo it’s the perfect time to go all out. Try wearing a fun costume or eccentric outfit. A full neon outfit, or a multicolored skin painting and even a horse head are a great conversation starter for fellow festivalgoers.
  4. Be open to new music. Since you’re boldly riding solo, why not try some new music. Go listen to various genres that you and your friends back home might not have considered … after all, you’re at the festival that spans numerous music genres. You might end up discovering your new favorite band.
  5. Explore. One of the best parts of going to Firefly solo is that you control the schedule. You don’t have to worry about missing an act because someone in the group wants to see another artist. Wander around the festival grounds. There is plenty to do and see beyond just the music performances. There is art, shopping and festival attractions like the silent dance party and the adult arcade. You could even stumble across something unique and hidden that you would never have discovered with a group.

No matter what festival you’re going to, there are always safety precautions that every festivalgoer must take:

  • Be aware of your surroundings, both during the festival and while camping.
  • Don’t accept any drinks or food from strangers.
  • Prepare an exit strategy in case of an emergency.
  • Keep your emergency contact information on you. You can tape it to the back of your phone or keep it in your wallet.
  • Inform family and friends of where you’re going and staying. Also let them know when you’ll be returning home.

It’s important to be smart and conscientious when going alone to a festival, but it’s also important to have fun. Flying solo to a festival provides a great chance to have a once-in-a-life-time experience. Remember to enjoy the music and be safe!

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