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Festival Hacks Part 2

By the Mercury Team

Going to a music festival is like stepping away from reality for a weekend, with the pulse of the music as the only guide. People gather for a common goal: to throw themselves into a world where the like-minded can experience this once in a lifetime event. If you’re among the lucky ones going to a music festival, then start preparing now. As sponsors of AXS TV’s Road to the Festivals, Mercury Insurance wants everyone to be ready to have the best time possible. So, before you throw your flower crown and sunglasses into your overnight backpacks, here are some music festival hacks: 


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Taking an RV to a music festival is becoming increasingly popular. Know the rules of the RV camp ground ahead of time. Bring a fun flag to make your RV stand out. After a long day, you don’t want to waste time trying to find your campsite.


Suit Up

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Did we mention it’s going to be hot? You won’t be able to escape sweating, so why not embrace it? Wear a bathing suit, so if the opportunity to cool down with water presents itself, you can capitalize on it.


No phone zone

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There will be a lot of people partying with you - thousands to be exact. Since cell phone reception is likely to be weak, a good and fun alternative are walkie-talkies. If you do take your phone, keep a charger with you - there are charging stations throughout the festival.



guy with sunburnt back

A nice light tan may be what you’re going for, but lobster red certainly is not. Bring sunscreen, keep it with you and be sure to reapply.


Baby Powder

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A smart hack that no one tells you about … baby powder. From walking between performances to the intense heat, you’re bound to get some kind of skin irritation. Pack a small container and you’ll thank us later.


Download the app

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Most festival offer a free app that provides inside information.

If you enjoyed these festival hacks, please see Part 1 of our Festival Hacks. Look for another round of helpful hacks in the near future!

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