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Festival Hacks Part 1

By the Mercury Team

Going to a music festival is like stepping away from reality for a weekend, with the pulse of the music as the only guide. People gather for a common goal: to throw themselves into a world where the like-minded can experience this once in a lifetime event. If you’re among the lucky ones going to a music festival, then start preparing now. As sponsors of AXS TV’s Road to the Festivals, Mercury Insurance wants everyone to be ready to have the best time possible. So, before you throw your flower crown and sunglasses into your overnight backpacks, here are some music festival hacks: 

Too hot, too cold

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Some of the top music festivals are held in places where there is a drastic change in temperature from day to night. Check the weather forecast ahead of time so you’ll know what you need to bring.


Stay hydrated

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It may seem obvious, but it cannot be stressed enough. Drink water! Don’t end up dehydrated and sick, just as your favorite artist takes the stage. Look for water stations so you’ll know where they are ahead of time.


Let there be light

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Whether it’s a midnight porta-potty visit or just trying to make your way through a campsite area, don’t be surprised by what’s on the floor. Bring a mini-flashlight or a LED keychain. Or be creative and bring a headlamp; it’s good for seeing and raving.


Toilet paper

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Your main restroom will be the porta-potties while at the festival, so it’s best not to leave anything to chance. Hand sanitizer is another must have.


MacGyver your campsite

camping area with trailer and LED christmas lights

Bring solar powered LED Christmas lights to make your camp area stand out. Duct tape is also a handy tool to keep in your tent, you never know when you’ll need it. Bring plastic stakes for your tent too, some music festivals have a strict no metal stake policy.


Status update can wait

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Tell family and friends that you’re going to the festival, where you’re staying and for how long. Keep your home safe while you’re away and don’t post where you’re going on Facebook or other social media sites.

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