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Mercury Auto Insurance in Nevada

If you're looking for auto insurance in Nevada, you've come to the right place. Mercury's Nevada page has information on state driving laws, some interesting Sagebrush State facts, and best of all you can learn about Mercury's many products and services.

Mercury has been selling auto insurance since 1962, and is trusted by millions of drivers. In fact, has named Mercury Insurance one of America's Most Trusted Companies, so you can count on Mercury to be there when you need us most. And, you won't find better coverage at a better price. Here are a few of the Mercury products available in Nevada:

Nevada Products

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Did you know . . .

Gaining Statehood during the Civil War in 1864, Nevada was the 36th state to join the Union. Containing over 100,000 square miles of land, Nevada is the seventh largest state by land area. While almost nine out of ten residents live in the Las Vegas or Reno metropolitan areas, 86 percent of Nevada is actually owned by the U.S Federal Government.

Nevada has several nicknames and is known as the Sagebrush State, Silver State and Battle Born State. It is the most arid state in the country, as it receives the least amount of rainfall on average. The lack of rainfall means the majority of the state is considered have a desert or semi-arid climate.

Las Vegas is Nevada's largest city and a major tourist attraction. World famous for its casinos, Las Vegas has more hotel rooms than any other place on earth, and has the majority of the world's largest hotels. Major resorts include the Bellagio, MGM Grand, The Venetian, The Wynn and Mandalay Bay.

Nevada driving — what you need to know.

All 50 states have some version of Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL). GDL is a program that gradually phases in driving privileges for new teen drivers, as they gain experience behind the wheel. Teen applicants may apply for a State of Nevada Instruction Permit when they are 15½ years old. Mercury offers some of the most comprehensive rates available for teen drivers, so talk to a Mercury agent today to see how much you can save. You'll be glad you did!

Mercury Insurance is sold through a network of independent agents and brokers. We have agents in every major market who want to help you every step of the way. Mercury offers comprehensive coverage options including personal auto insurance and mechanical protection. You can count on us for low rates and excellent coverage.

If you've recently moved to the State of Nevada, or are looking to brush up on Nevada vehicle registration laws, driver licensing requirements, and occupational licensing rules, the Nevada DMV offers excellent information.