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Whether you're shopping around for a better insurance rate, purchasing a new car, buying your first home, renting an apartment or starting a business, finding the best insurance coverage with a reliable insurance agent is easy with Mercury Insurance.

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Tailored Service

The first step is to find an insurance agent who understands your specific needs. At Mercury Insurance, we're focused on delivering service that's centered around what matters most to you and your family. Your local Mercury insurance agent will get to know you and help you prepare for the unexpected while ensuring you receive every available discount.

What to Ask your Insurance Agent

When it comes to providing detailed information about coverage, our licensed insurance agents are unmatched. Common questions you should ask your Mercury Insurance agent as you shop for the right coverage include:

  • What type of coverage do I need?
  • How do deductibles affect my rate, and when do they apply?
  • Am I eligible for any insurance discounts?
  • What's the difference between renters insurance, homeowners and condo insurance?

Protecting yourself and your family from unforeseen circumstances isn't just about understanding your insurance choices and selecting the right policy - it's also about finding an insurance agent who's ready to build a lasting relationship with you.