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What Is Renters Insurance?

Renters insurance offers protection for both your personal belongings and liability in the face of unforeseen events. Homes in Georgia are at risk of perils such as tornadoes, hurricanes, theft, and vandalism, which have the potential to leave you in financial distress. Renters insurance can help get you back on your feet in the event of costly damage.

Mercury understands the state’s unique considerations and provides some of the cheapest renters insurance in Georgia without compromising quality. Whether you're renting an apartment in the heart of downtown Atlanta, or a spacious condo in the charming city of Savannah, you can have peace of mind knowing that we're here to help cover your possessions, personal liability, and medical payments to others in the event of an incident.

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Georgia Renters Coverages

Items and Expenses Covered by Renters Insurance

Renters insurance provides comprehensive coverage for various items and expenses, ensuring you're well-protected in multiple scenarios. Here's a closer look at what your rental insurance policy in Georgia generally covers:

  • Personal belongings: This covers the cost to repair or replace your personal belongings, such as furniture, electronics, clothing, and kitchenware, if they're damaged or lost due to covered events. Renters insurance also extends coverage beyond your rental property, protecting stolen or damaged items inside your car or while traveling. You may need additional coverage for high-value items like jewelry, art, or antiques.

  • Liability protection: Renters insurance provides liability coverage if you're found responsible for causing bodily injury or property damage to others. This coverage includes legal fees, medical expenses, and other related costs. Minimum liability coverage typically costs $100,000, but you may increase this amount based on your needs.

  • Additional living expenses: Your rental insurance can help cover the cost of temporary housing, meals, and other living expenses if your rental unit becomes uninhabitable due to a covered event. This is particularly important in Georgia, which can be prone to severe weather events like hurricanes and tornadoes.

Incidents Covered by Renters Insurance

Renters coverage provides financial protection for various incidents that can cause loss or damage to your belongings or result in liability claims. Here's a detailed overview of incidents typically covered by renters insurance in Georgia:

  • Fire and smoke damage: Renters insurance covers damages to your personal belongings caused by fires or smoke within the rented property.

  • Theft and vandalism: If your personal belongings are stolen from your rental home or damaged due to vandalism, your insurance can help cover the cost of replacing them. Georgia's urban areas may have higher risks of these crimes, so be sure to verify that your policy reflects the specific risks associated with your location.

  • Water damage: This typically covers damage caused by accidental discharge or overflow of water or steam from plumbing, heating, air conditioning, or household appliances.

  • Liability claims: If a guest gets injured in your rental property or you accidentally damage someone else's property, your renters coverage can help cover the associated medical and legal costs.

  • Weather-related damage: In Georgia, this is particularly important since the state is prone to several types of severe weather, including thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Damage from such events is usually covered, but it's important to check your policy for any exclusions or limitations.

  • Damage caused by vehicles or aircraft: This covers damage to your personal belongings caused by vehicles or aircraft, excluding those owned by you.

What Does Georgia Renters Insurance Not Cover?

While Georgia renters insurance is designed to provide comprehensive coverage, certain situations and perils are typically excluded from standard policies. Here are some notable exclusions:

  • Floods: Standard renters insurance policies typically do not cover flood damage. Given that Georgia is susceptible to heavy rains and flooding, particularly in certain areas, you may want to consider purchasing additional flood insurance if you live in a flood-prone area.

  • Earthquakes: Earthquakes are less common in Georgia, but they do occur. Standard renters insurance policies usually do not cover damage caused by earthquakes. If you are concerned about this risk, you may need to purchase additional earthquake insurance.

  • Pest infestations: Damage caused by pests, such as termites or rodents, is typically not covered by renters insurance since it’s considered a maintenance issue. Given Georgia's warm climate, you should take preventive measures against pests.

  • Damage from neglect: Rental insurance usually won’t cover damaged personal property due to neglect or failure to maintain the property.

  • Business activities: If you run a business in your rental unit, renters insurance likely won’t cover any business-related liabilities or property damage. You’ll need a separate business insurance policy.

  • Intentional acts: Renters insurance doesn’t cover damages resulting from intentional acts or criminal activities that you commit.

Why Is My Landlord Asking for Me to Get Renters Insurance?

Renters insurance, though not required by Georgia law, is often a common requirement in lease agreements. Here's why your landlord might be asking you to get renters insurance:

  • Reduces their liability — One of the key benefits of renters insurance is its liability coverage. If a guest is injured in your rental property, your renters insurance would be responsible for handling the related costs, instead of your landlord. This includes medical expenses, legal costs, and any potential settlements, shielding your landlord from these financial burdens.

  • Prevents claims against them — Renters insurance comes into play when there's structural damage to the building due to a disaster, like a fire or a storm. While your landlord's insurance would cover the building's repair, your renters insurance would cover your personal property and additional living expenses. This way, you don't have to seek compensation from your landlord, preventing potential conflicts.

  • Allows them to recover damages — If you're responsible for causing an accident that damages the building, your landlord's insurance will initially cover the costs. However, your landlord would first have to pay the deductible. If you have renters insurance, your landlord can recoup this deductible from your insurance company. This not only eases the financial burden on your landlord but also protects you from paying out of pocket.

  • Complies with Georgia law — While Georgia law does not mandate renters insurance, it does allow landlords to require it as a part of the lease agreement. It's crucial to understand the terms of your lease and seek legal advice if needed.

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Get Cheap Georgia Renters Insurance from Mercury

In Georgia, unpredictable events can cause damage to your rental home and personal property. Choosing Mercury for affordable renters insurance ensures peace of mind for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day, making it accessible and budget-friendly no matter where you reside in the Peach State.

Save More with Discounts

Mercury already offers some of the most affordable rates in Georgia, but you can save even more on your renters insurance with our exclusive discounts, including:

  • Home + Auto: Bundle your renters and auto insurance policies together and enjoy big savings.

  • Paid in Full: Pay your renters insurance upfront and get up to 10% off your premium.

  • Digital: Save up to 2% in premium savings by signing up for our customer portal, paperless billing, and paperless document directory.

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Your Questions About Affordable Renters Insurance in Georgia – Answered

How much does renters insurance cost in Georgia?

According to Nerd Wallet, the average cost of renters insurance in Georgia is $194 per year or approximately $16 per month.

What is the cheapest rental insurance in Georgia?

Mercury offers some of the most competitive rates in the state. You'll not only save money, but also enjoy peace of mind knowing that your belongings are well-protected. Plus, you can save even more on your renters insurance by taking advantage of our exclusive discounts, such as our home and auto bundle.

Are you required to have renters insurance in Georgia?

No, renters insurance is not required in Georgia. However, your landlord has the right to require renters insurance as part of your leasing agreement.

What Mercury Insurance products are available to Georgia residents?

How do I find a Mercury Agent in Georgia?

Visit the Georgia Insurance Agents page and find an agent in your area, or get a free quote online!