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Agent Spotlight: Tony Catalli of Catalli Insurance Brokers

By the Mercury Team

Mercury has been selling insurance through independent agents since the day we opened our doors. They are an essential part of who we are as a business and provide unparalleled expertise, helping customers navigate the complex decisions of purchasing insurance.

Mercury is celebrating independent agents through our Agent Spotlight series, where we put a face on agents serving our customers around the country.

Tony Catalli is an agent in San Mateo, CA who has represented Mercury Insurance for the past eight years. Tony’s grandfather, Anthony J. Catalli created Catalli Insurance Brokers in 1960, selling policies door-to-door. “I was named after my grandfather and there were always expectations for me to succeed like A.J.” Times have changed, but the company values have not. His grandfather’s effort, persistence and passion not only built a strong foundation for Catalli Insurance Brokers, but contributed to Tony’s work ethic and his dedication to providing customers with the best service possible.

While Tony initially tried to break the family mold by studying marketing in college and working in sales roles in other industries, once he made the switch to working in the family insurance business, he knew it was where he belonged. As a member of the third generation in the family business, Tony has held several important roles in the company. “Initially, I was handling all of Catalli Insurance’s marketing and social media campaigns.” Soon after, Tony earned his insurance license and hasn’t looked back since. “While insurance, in some form, is a necessary burden for almost everyone, I get a lot of satisfaction out of making customers happy and earning their loyalty. They are thrilled when I’m able to recommend good coverage while also cutting costs.”

Though there are a variety of insurance carriers for customers to choose from, Mercury has been Catalli Insurance Brokers’ company of choice. Over 85% of Catalli’s customers are with Mercury. “From the top down, Mercury employs very personable and professional staff. Most importantly, I trust Mercury to handle claims well for my customers, always with the goal of making them whole again.”

As an example of how Mercury operates, after the San Bruno fire of 2010 Mercury representatives went out to the impacted area to serve customers dealing with losses and damages. One Catalli customer faced a total loss on their home, but because Tony took the time to make sure they had the right amount of coverage before the disaster, there was no issue when it came time to pay out on the dwelling. “They immediately gave the customer a check for $10,000 to get clothes, find a hotel and do whatever else they needed to do while Mercury got things sorted out.” The family was so happy with the care and service they received, they stopped by in person to thank everyone at the agency.

Shopping for insurance online and having your policy serviced by a call center means you lose the benefit of working directly with a knowledgeable agent. When asked about his success with clients, Tony remarked, “I frequently get phone calls from people who are using their existing policy coverage to shop online with new carriers. What they don’t realize is the coverage they have may not be adequate. I always take the time to get to know my customers and tailor a coverage plan to meet their specific needs, plus adding an additional line of insurance, such as homeowners or renters, to get multi‐policy discounts. This means that most of the time I’m able to provide not just better coverage, but a better rate as well! Customers are very happy and grateful for my expertise, leading to a long‐ term relationship with our agency.” Many customers will even walk in to the agency and do business face-to-face which is Tony’s favorite way to connect with his customers.

If he was not working in the insurance industry, Tony’s sights would be set on technology sales or real estate. These interests help shape the expertise that his clients have come to rely on. His passion for the insurance industry and the family business means that Tony has clear goals in mind for the growth of the agency – as well as his customers.

“As a child, I remember running around our office in awe of the business. I hope to continue the growth and strong relationship-building that has resonated with every one of us today.”

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