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Taking the Next Step With Your Partner: Getting Joint Car Insurance

By the Mercury Team

Joint car insurance isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind when discussing taking the next step in your relationship. However, if you’ve tied the knot, are planning to soon, or are living with your partner, you may be able to enjoy the benefits and savings that come along with joint car insurance.

How joint insurance works

Joint auto insurance can be a perfect match for two separate individuals sharing a car or for households with multiple vehicles.

Customers who are eligible for joint insurance typically fall into one of three categories:

  • Individuals living in the same household who share a vehicle
  • Individuals living in the same household who have multiple vehicles
  • Married individuals in the same household who have multiple vehicles

Why have a joint policy?

The benefits of a relationship aren’t just about the warm fuzzies. When it comes to car insurance, married couples or partners in civil unions often receive a discount* in addition to other savings that help lower rates.  A joint policy can also make your insurance documents less confusing. After all, when it’s time to update or adjust coverage, having multiple cars and all drivers on a single insurance policy is more convenient and easier to understand.

When you should consider combining your car insurance policy

When you and your partner have solid driving records and no recent gaps in coverage, a joint policy usually results in greater savings. Insuring multiple vehicles on the same policy may also qualify you for other insurance discounts* like multi-car discounts*.

For couples living together, you must list your partner on your Mercury car insurance policy as a listed or excluded driver. Mercury customers who are married or in a civil union need to list their partner as an included driver in order to qualify for a discount*.

Whether you’re enjoying marital bliss or you’ve just moved in together, take a moment to talk with your loved one about your auto policies. Joint auto insurance might be the right fit for you and that special someone.

*Discounts may vary by state and may not be available in all states.

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