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Discounts on Car Insurance for Multiple Cars

By the Mercury Team

Multi-car discounts are commonly offered by insurers when vehicles garaged at the same address are combined and listed on a single auto insurance policy. Some restrictions may apply, so be sure to ask your Mercury Agent for more information.

How to get a multi-car discount

  • Make sure that all of your various policies are with the same provider. This may require canceling one or more policies so that you can move everything to the same insurance company. Take care that one of your vehicles is not left uninsured during this transition.
  • Each term your insurer will send you a renewal notice for your policy that includes updated rates and a description of your coverage. If you have multiple cars and policies, you may have more than one renewal. Some providers may link all renewal dates together and some may not, so be sure to ask your agent if you are unsure.
  • Listing multiple cars on a single insurance policy may be more convenient, depending on your needs. While you can add secondary users to vehicles on multiple insurance policies, at times it may be less confusing and more convenient to list all vehicles and all drivers on one insurance policy.
  • Some auto insurance policies carry fees. When you have multiple cars on one policy, renewal and other fees are generally paid on a single policy instead of on multiple policies.
  • In addition to multi-car discounts, auto insurers like Mercury offer discounts to customers who are also looking for or home, condo or renters insurance or mechanical breakdown protection insurance.

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