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Benefits of Working with Independent Insurance Agents

By the Mercury Team

The internet has made life easier in many ways. Type a question into your browser, and you can find the answer to just about anything. It’s also a great starting point when buying a home or new car.

While searching for a larger home with four bedrooms or an SUV with extra storage is simple enough, determining the type of home or auto insurance coverage you need is a little more complex. That’s where independent insurance agents can help. These experts can match you with the right level of insurance coverage you need for any situation, all while saving you money.

When you work with an independent insurance company, you’re getting personalized service from an agent who looks at multiple carriers to determine the best coverage and reasonable rates for your car, home, and business. The benefits of an independent insurance agent include:

Unbiased Expertise

Captive insurance agents work for one insurance company and can only sell that company’s policies. For this reason, these agents can give you biased advice that may not be in your best interest. That’s not the case with independent insurance agents. They represent several insurance companies, giving you more options and flexibility in terms of coverage. This freedom means your agent can focus on the policy best for you while also considering other important factors, such as an insurer’s financial stability. Plus, more options mean more chances to save money on your home or car insurance policy.

Local Service

While independent insurance agents provide a personalized approach, it’s also nice having someone in the neighborhood you can call if you have a question or concern. Drop by to meet your local independent agent, and get answers to all your insurance questions. Your independent auto insurance agent, for instance, is much more familiar with your area’s insurance adjusters, repair shops, and traffic patterns, which gives them a unique perspective you won’t get from the internet.

Personal Advisor

Independent insurance agencies work hard to earn your business through their personalized approach. If your house floods or your car incurs damage from a storm, it’s much easier to pick up the phone and call a trusted adviser than dealing with a call-center customer service representative. Your independent insurance agent is your advocate, and they can assist you in the claims filing process and guide you through your policy coverage.

An independent insurance agent will also be there as your needs change over time. Maybe you plan to buy a new car, add to your home, or sell your business soon. As a one-stop shop, your independent insurance agent can help you switch between insurance companies and policies to accommodate your current situation.


Great independent insurance agents will craft an auto or home insurance plan that meets your needs at the best available price. They also provide a local, personalized approach where you can visit their office in person for any questions or concerns. Not only that, they have a vested interest in helping you understand how to protect your family, pets, and property in the face of a natural disaster.

Mercury is a multi-line insurance company offering auto, homeowners, and business insurance via a network of independent agents and brokers. We provide first-rate coverage at an affordable rate, a 24/7 claims hotline, a dedicated local agent, and hassle-free repair service. No matter what type of coverage you have, you can rest knowing that Mercury Insurance has your back when the unexpected happens.

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