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Consumer Electronics Show 2017: Top Five Home Gadgets

By the Mercury Team

Each January, the Consumer Technology Association hosts the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), a world-renowned showcase of new technology held in Las Vegas. Techies from around the globe flock to Sin City to get a glimpse at the latest gadgets making their way to the marketplace.

One of the central themes for this year’s show was connectivity, and the biggest playground for tech companies proved to be household technology. Everything from trashcans to refrigerators is becoming increasingly internet-connected and no location is off-limits as companies look for new ways to make your home smarter and more connected.

We’ve rounded up our five favorite home gadgets from the show.

1. Inirv React

“Did I turn off the stove?” If you’ve found yourself asking this question one too many times, Inirv has something for you. The company showcased its React adaptor for household stoves at this year’s CES. Their mission: improve the safety and efficiency of the home.

The React is a universal adaptor that automatically turns off gas and electric stoves if it senses dangerous conditions in the kitchen, or that the range has been left unattended. The bright blue glow of its LED ring indicates that React is on and ready for action.

2. Norton Core

Hackers will continue exploring ways to infiltrate your home and personal life, so it’s more important now than ever to secure your home from these cyber intruders. Preparedness takes many forms, including choosing strong passwords, signing up for Identity Management Services or, in the case of Norton, a state-of-the-art internet router that doubles as an actual piece of art, called “Core.”

Core allows homeowners to protect their household’s connected gadgets from malware, viruses and cybercriminals while giving real-time advice on how to improve your network’s security and providing parental control options to manage the time your kids spend online.

3. Grillbot

No home is complete without a grill, but according to research conducted by the National Fire Protection Association, one of the leading causes of grill fires is failure to clean them properly.

The Grillbot seeks to address this hazard by acting as a perfect companion for any barbeque aficionado who prefers to spend their time cooking as opposed to cleaning. Simply place the Grillbot on the grill after you’ve finished using it, turn on the timer and close the lid – in just one click, you have your own grill-top cleaning service.

4. Smart & Blue Hydrao First

The Smart & Blue Hydrao First is a smart showerhead that features an integrated LED system that offers a fun, educational and eco-friendly way to conserve.

The showerhead’s LED lighting system changes colors as water usage increases, alerting bathers who may be using too much water. A companion app allows the user to record progress, customize light colors and even measure savings. This is one innovative gadget that’s good for the planet and your wallet.

5. Amazon Alexa

The future wouldn’t be complete without a digital personal assistant, and this year, Amazon’s Alexa-enabled personal assistants were out in full force. The Amazon Alexa allows users to delegate tasks, such as setting appointments, ordering food, requesting movie times and more. The software was loaded into a plethora of home appliances, robots, cars and more at CES; making it a sure bet that Alexa will become a household name in the next few years.

These five featured Consumer Electronic Show gadgets can go a long way to making life at home better. As advances in technology continue to shape our lives, we can only wait to see what else the future will bring.

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