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Accidents Happen, Even in Illinois

While we hope for the best, accidents are a fact of life. Unpredictable occurrences often bring joy to our lives, while others have the potential to ruin them. In America's litigious society, it's good to know that Mercury Insurance offers an umbrella policy that provides the extra protection to keep your family and assets safe.

Home and auto insurance is the first step to protecting your assets from the dangers of the real world, but there are plenty of situations where additional protection beyond the liability limits of the standard home or auto policy are needed. Mercury's local agents are here to help develop a custom protection plan that meets your specific needs.

Mercury's Personal Umbrella insurance provides the extra help that goes beyond your auto and home liability protection to keep you safe when accidents occur. We hope you never experience a tragic liability loss, but if you do, Mercury's claims team will be there to assist you every step of the way. You'll be able to rest easy knowing that you have the added protection of a Mercury umbrella policy to protect your assets.

Call your local Mercury agent today; they'll be happy to provide a quote for you on Mercury's Umbrella Insurance.

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