The Benefits of Renters Insurance

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Renters Insurance Gives You Peace of Mind for as Little as $11 a Month

You’ve finally found that perfect place to call home and now want to be sure your personal property and family are protected. If something bad should happen at the property you rent, a Mercury Insurance renters policy can help protect your belongings and family at an affordable price. This valuable coverage costs less than a cup of coffee a day and provides tremendous peace of mind.

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Since 1962, millions of customers have trusted Mercury to provide them affordable and quality coverage for their home and auto needs. Read about their experiences.

Why you should purchase renters insurance from Mercury

A Mercury renters insurance policy has the following benefits:

  • Affordable and valuable coverage.
  • Covers living expenses if your rental unit or home becomes uninhabitable due to a covered loss.
  • Personal property is covered from theft or damage while in your vehicle or with you on vacation.
  • If someone is hurt on the property you rent, your policy will provide liability coverage up to the limits you have selected.
  • Provides important protection not covered by your landlord’s building insurance policy.
  • As the cost to rent continues to rise, without coverage you may have less money in savings to replace lost, stolen or damaged possessions.

Additional renters insurance purchase advice

  • Take stock of personal property and determine how much it would cost to replace.
  • Create a home inventory of all belongings that includes an itemized list, pictures and receipts, as this will be useful in the event a claim needs to be filed.
  • When determining a deductible, know that a higher deductible will result in a lower insurance premium, but a lower deductible might be a more manageable out-of-pocket expense if you need to make a claim.
  • When moving from one place to another, keep your Mercury renters insurance policy current to protect personal property during the move.
  • Make sure you review policy details with a Mercury agent, as floods and earthquakes will require a separate policy. These experts will let you know if you have the right amount of coverage1.
  • Bundle your renters insurance with an auto insurance policy from Mercury - you’ll get a discount when buying these policies together.
  • Renters insurance policies will cover family members living in the same place, but not roommates. Roommates need to take out their own policy.

1Coverage(s) may be subject to certain restrictions and limitations and may not be available in all states. Ask your local independent agent for more information.

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