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Mercury Insurance Wins a 2016 Limeade Limelight Award for its Employee Wellbeing Program

By the Mercury Team

Mercury’s dedication to providing its employees with a comprehensive wellbeing program – My Health at Mercury – has been recognized in the 2016 Limeade Limelight Awards in the “Engagement Leaps” category. Limeade is a corporate wellness technology company that measurably improves employee health, wellbeing and performance, while building cultures that support wellbeing. Mercury received the Engagement Leaps Award for excellence in increasing participation in its wellbeing program and employee engagement.

“Limeade provides a team of experts to help us configure, maintain and monitor our wellbeing program through weekly meetings and a dedicated website, where employees can create personalized wellbeing plans and participate in challenges,” said Bill Medina, Mercury’s director of payroll, benefits and cash control. “We partnered with them because we wanted to increase employee engagement and continue our emphasis on overall wellbeing. The program is simple, straightforward and fun and our engagement numbers are up in every aspect as a result.”

Limeade recognized Mercury for driving high program participation through a dedicated, effective team of Wellbeing Ambassadors, who successfully unified the organization’s 40+ office locations in wellbeing improvement and achieved 60 percent participation through April of this year.

“The ambassador network is an integral part of My Health at Mercury. These employee volunteers coordinate wellbeing activities, answer questions for employees and elevate issues to corporate as needed. We meet as a group on a monthly basis to discuss the program and provide feedback and suggestions,” said Medina.

Employees who participate in My Health at Mercury can earn points towards incentives for taking steps to improve their wellbeing. Challenges are updated throughout the year and have included activities such as Mercury Millionaire (walk a million steps in a given time period) and Mercury Moves 2016 (as a team, achieve a level of activity that is equivalent to 2,016 miles). Incentives can be used towards the employee’s medical insurance coverage in the following year or as a direct contribution to their Health Savings Account.

To qualify for incentives, an employee must complete a biometric screening, a wellbeing assessment and a non-tobacco use affidavit.

Learn more about the 2016 Limeade Limelight Awards here.

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