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Forbes Names Mercury Insurance Best Place to Work for Women

By the Mercury Team

Mercury Insurance is one of America’s best employers for women, according to Forbes

Work-life balance, career growth opportunities, flexible work arrangements and women in leadership positions are attractive job features for many women in the American workforce. Mercury delivers on these, and more, which is why Forbes has named the company as one of “America’s Best Employers for Women” in 2020.

“Mercury strongly values diversity in the workplace and we believe we’ve created an environment where everyone feels empowered to excel professionally,” said Heidi Sullivan, Mercury Insurance Vice President, Chief Human Capital Officer.

We’re proud to say nearly half of our leadership roles are filled by women. It’s an honor that the women on our team see Mercury as a place where they want to work, build their careers, and even recommend to their friends and family to come work, too.

An independent survey conducted by Forbes in partnership with market research group Statista ranked the Best Employers for Women 2020 based on several different criteria, including direct recommendations in terms of general work topics (atmosphere and development, image, working conditions, salary wage, workplace, diversity, likelihood of recommendation) and those considered relevant for women in particular (parental leave, family support, flexibility, discrimination, representation and career, pay equity). It also took indirect recommendations (such as evaluations of other employers in that respective industry) into account.

Since opening our doors in 1961, Mercury Insurance has been dedicated to providing employees with the ideal workplace. Prior to this year’s recognition, Mercury has been included on Forbes’ list of “America’s Best Mid-size Employers” for three straight years.

Mercury is an Equal Opportunity Employer that offers bonus opportunities, benefits, 401(k) matching and more.

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