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Reasons Water Leak Detection is Important

By the Mercury Team

Water damage wreaks havoc on your home both structurally and financially. Worst of all, home water damage is very common, as claims related to water damage account for nearly half of homeowners’ claims. Fortunately, installing a user-friendly leak detection device — such as Flo and Flume — is becoming a standard practice for homeowners, allowing you to prevent or mitigate water damage repair costs. If you’re on the fence about investing in water leak detection services, consider the factors below to make the best possible decision.

Cost of Water Bills

Household water isn’t free. So, you want to make sure you’re not wasting the water you’re paying for. If you notice your water bills getting higher each month, there may be a leak somewhere in your house. What’s worse is that you’re paying for that leak! While something seemingly innocuous like a dripping faucet may not be a priority to fix, a minor leak can cost you hundreds of dollars over time the longer you ignore it. If a leak costs you an extra $25 a month on your water bill, that’s $300 a year you could have put towards a leak detection device like Flo or Flume. If you know there’s a water leak in your home, take care of it before your water bill gets too high.

Water Conservation

Why is water conservation important? As you know, water is essential for all life on earth. We need it to grow food, stay clean, control fires, and stay hydrated. Although most of the planet is covered in water, less than 1% of all water is usable. The other 99% is saltwater or permanently frozen in glaciers. As the world’s population grows, so does the demand for water. This is especially true in places like California and Texas, where droughts often occur. 

To be kind to the environment and others without a stable water supply, it’s crucial to fix common household leaks like dripping faucets, worn toilet flappers, and irrigation leaks. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), annual household leaks waste 1 trillion gallons nationwide. That amount of wastewater could’ve provided water to nearly 1.1 million homes. 

Along with detecting and fixing leaks, there are other things you can do around the house to conserve water:

  • Run the sprinklers in the morning

  • Wash full loads only

  • Don’t let faucets needlessly run — e.g., while brushing your teeth

  • Install a rain barrel

  • Shorten your shower times

Property Damage

Leaks can do much more than waste money and water. They can cause severe structural damage to your home. What appear to be small leaks are deceptive because they worsen the longer you don’t address them. For example, if there’s a leak behind your wall, it can deteriorate the wall’s structure, forcing you to pay for a total replacement. This costs time, money, and labor that you could have prevented with a leak detection device or service.

Leaks outside your home can damage the homes around you. If the leak is near a neighbor’s house, it can impact their foundation over time. Hiring a water leak detection service or installing a leak detector ensures your home and surrounding properties are protected from water damage.

Water Safety

If your pipes are leaking, contaminants can enter your water supply. That means your family could drink contaminated water, which can make them ill. Leaks from sewerage pipes are even worse. They can contaminate your entire property and the surrounding homes in your neighborhood. If this happens, you could be held responsible for footing your neighbors’ home repair costs. Leak detection services give you peace of mind knowing that your family and neighbors are protected from contaminated water.


Water damage is a serious problem for your home, family, and neighborhood. That’s why you should consider investing in water leak detection for your house. Mercury Insurance is one of the largest carriers to provide discounts for water leak detection devices. Currently, we offer a 10% discount for automatic shut-off devices like Flo and a 5% discount for devices like Flume that don’t shut off your water but centrally monitor your entire household.

Talk with a Mercury agent today to see how you can save money and prevent potential water damage.

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