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Mercury Home Systems Protection Has You Covered When Warranties Fall Short

By the Mercury Team

If you’ve ever loaded a washing machine late at night only to wake up for work to find that it’s stopped mid-cycle, you’re not alone. Home appliances can fail and these breakdowns often occur after warranties have expired. While appliance failures can be inconvenient, homeowners shouldn’t have to break the bank to repair or replace them.

Standard homeowners insurance policies protect personal property from unforeseen events like theft and fire losses, but they often don’t cover appliances when they break. Mercury Insurance customers can protect against these frustrating and expensive events by adding Home Systems Protection to their Mercury Insurance homeowners policy.

“Homeowners today own more appliances, high end electronics and expensive systems than any other generation of Americans, and it can be hard to keep track of store bought warranties let alone remember the expiration dates of each,” said Randall Petro, Mercury Insurance’s chief claims officer. “Additionally, the majority of Americans can’t afford a surprise repair bill, especially one like the cost of replacing expensive air conditioning and heating equipment that they depend on daily. Mercury’s Home Systems Protection provides coverage for these items when warranties and service contracts fall short.”

Home Systems Protection is designed to help homeowners prevent unexpected repair and replacement costs for kitchen and laundry appliances, home entertainment equipment, home security systems, smart home systems and more for just a few bucks each month.

This protection covers a variety of home systems including:

  • Kitchen and laundry appliances;
  • Heating and cooling equipment, including air conditioners, furnaces and boilers;
  • Home entertainment including computers, peripherals and wireless devices;
  • Smart home equipment such as internet connected sensors and devices;
  • Power tools and exercise equipment;
  • Home security monitoring and control devices;
  • Solar and water heaters;
  • Renewable heating (e.g., solar, geothermal, wind) and radiant floor heating;
  • Well pumps, sump pumps, pool and spa pumps, heating and filtration equipment;
  • Electrical service panels;
  • Portable and permanent generators;
  • Water purification and filtration systems; and
  • Chairlifts, elevators and mobile medical equipment.

And it also provides coverage beyond repairing and replacing equipment.

  • Physical damage. Pays for the cost of repairing or replacing home systems damaged by a home system breakdown.
  • Spoilage. Pays for replacing food that spoils as the result of a home system breakdown, along with any necessary expenses incurred to reduce the amount of spoilage.
  • Loss of Use. Pays for the cost of a hotel stay or the temporary relocation of tenants necessitated by a home system breakdown.
  • Expediting Expenses. Pays for the cost of emergency service calls related to temporary or permanent repairs of home systems that have suffered a home system breakdown.
  • Environmental Improvements. Pays up to an additional 50% of the covered loss for replacement of equipment with a type that is more efficient or better for the environment. This condition only applies if the damaged equipment cannot be repaired and must be replaced.

Speak to your Mercury agent today about Home Systems Protection!

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