Concert at FivePoint Amphitheatre

12 Tips for Maximizing Your Concert Experience at FivePoint Amphitheatre

By the Mercury Team

Did you score some tickets to a concert at the newly-opened Five Point Amphitheatre presented by Mercury Insurance? Mercury met up with Live Nation to get the inside scoop on how to maximize your concert experience. Check out these FivePoint Amphitheatre tips:

1. Be sure to leave these items at home.

According to FivePoint Amphitheatre’s FAQ, prohibited items include: Weapons of any kind, alcohol, illegal drugs, glass containers, cans, hard sided/large coolers, large or oversized bags/back packs (such as luggage, duffel bags or industrial/camping-sized back packs), laser pointers, animals (except service animals) and fireworks.*
If you are found to have a prohibited item in your possession, it must be returned to your vehicle prior to entry. An added perk for light travelers: at the time of general admission, gate attendants may call those without bags towards a separate “no-bag” lane for quicker entry into the venue. Keep in mind that there are no lockers on-site, so whatever you bring in, you’ll be holding for the entire show.

2. Check out the eats (and grab a free drink)!

When the gates open and crowds filter in, one of the first things to cross peoples’ minds will be what to eat.
Expect to see Questlove’s Cheesesteak, pretzels, kettle corn, churros and other concessions mainstays. Don’t miss out, however, on FivePoint Amphitheatre’s curated selection of food stands from former Top Chef contestants. To save you some time and trouble in deciding which Top Chef food stand to line up for, here’s each establishment’s best-selling selection from their respective menus:
  • Ms. Chi Dim Sum Dumplings – Vegan dumplings
  • BV’s Chicken – Chicken tenders
  • Hanjip Korean BBQ – Chicken bowl
  • Tackle Box Tacos – Beef nachos
  • 7th St. Burgers – Cheese fries

Additionally, for those who will be making the pledge to be a designated driver throughout the night’s festivities, Mercury Insurance would like to thank you with a complimentary soft-drink as part of Mercury’s Designated Driver Program, redeemable at any of the beverage booths throughout FivePoint Amphitheatre. Head over to the Guest Services booth with a valid form of identification to redeem the offer. You’ll receive a wristband with a rip-off tab, good for any soda or bottle of water.

Forgot to bring cash? Don’t sweat it! There are two ATMs provided near the Guest Services booth and the venue accepts all major credit cards, so you’ll be all clear to grab some food and merchandise to remember the show!

3. Enjoy a picnic, FivePoint Amphitheatre supplies the entertainment!

The venue has a unique, vast grassy area right behind the gates that is perfect for blanket picnics and a handful of tables suitable for group seating and light dining. The premiere attraction, however? Cornhole! There are a half dozen cornhole sets sprinkled about the grassy area – people tend to take these up quickly, so head over to them early if you want to call dibs on a set or the next game.

4. Restrooms

Chances are that when your body’s telling you it’s time to go – and you’re waiting until the band finishes playing your favorite song – others are doing the same. Keep in mind that, although the line may seem intimidating at first, the trailers are stocked with multiple stalls to improve traffic. And don’t miss out on the dozens of portable toilets located immediately behind the trailers!

Restroom lines get busiest during the intermission period prior to the start of the headlining act. Prepare yourself accordingly or opt to make full use of the restrooms during any other time of the concert.

5. Lost and found.

Did you happen to misplace something during the concert? Sunglasses or a cellphone? If you notice something missing while you’re still at the venue, be sure to visit the Guest Services booth by looking for their red flag.

If you only notice you’ve misplaced something after leaving, don’t panic. Contact FivePoint Amphitheatre’s lost and found at (949) 988-6800 as soon as you can to inquire about your lost item(s). According to the Five Point Amphitheatre FAQ, all unclaimed items will be held at the Administrative Offices for up to 30 days after the event.

6. Seat upgrades.

You’ve enjoyed a great pre-concert meal, but really wish you had better seats? Don’t fret – there’s a chance you can upgrade your seats prior to the start of the headlining act by going to Live Nation’s Experience portal.

As for general box office guidelines, tickets will be sold on the day-of until the headlining act comes on stage. Seats are always assigned, unless pit access is permitted for a given show. Worried about the sun affecting your view? The sun sets behind the Amphitheatre seats, so sun glare tends not to be an issue. For those keen on getting out of the sun sooner, the stage does cast light shadows to stage left (right-most seats), so grab those if you’d welcome some early shade.

7. Clothing tips.

First off, make sure you bring multiple wind-resistant layers. The pleasant late-afternoon warm breeze can change into a chilly front as the night progresses. The temperature may differ on a given night, but the wind tends to be a constant.

As for rain, if it’s forecasted, expect to see poncho vendors on-site; you’re always welcome to bring in your own ponchos – however, umbrellas are not allowed.

What’s highly recommended by the First Aid staff? Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. You may be going for a nice light tan, but probably not a lobster red look. Bring sunscreen, keep it with you and be sure to reapply.

8. Mercury cardholder benefits.

Being a Mercury customer comes with perks! One of them is VIP parking. Show your Mercury ID card to your parking attendant and they’ll direct you straight to the VIP lot, just a few steps from the venue’s gates. VIP parking spaces are limited, however, so get there early for a better chance of securing a spot.

Bonus: Mercury customers can skate past the crowds and skip the long entrance lines by using the Mercury Insurance Fast Lane. This means you can stake out the best spot in the General Admission section, or you can grab some food and drinks before the lines back up. Just show your Mercury ID at the Mercury Insurance Fast Lane entrance and you and three friends are in!

9. Remember: Driving is optional.

There are a lot of factors to consider when you’re planning to go to a summer concert and how you get there is one of them. Choosing to arrive at the venue without driving means you can be dropped off right at the FivePoint Amphitheatre opening gates. You’ll end up saving yourself a lot of stress by not having to drive to the concert venue – take our word for it.

It’ll also keep you from having to search for parking and the risks that entails. Did you know that parking lot accidents are not uncommon? Rear-end collisions such as a vehicle hitting your parked car or backing into another vehicle are among the most common claims nationwide.

10. Rideshare accommodations.

FivePoint Amphitheatre is fully equipped to accommodate your ridesharing needs. The designated drop-off and pick-up site for ridesharing is located steps outside the venue gates and is fully staffed with attendants. Attendants will assist you in connecting with your respective rideshare driver, so there’s no need to creep onto the street to try and hail down your car. Additionally, the area is very well-lit, so the license plates can be easily viewed. For those who prefer taking a taxi, keep in mind that cabs will be stationed at the designated zone prior to the end of the show.

11. Alternative vehicles?

Planning to bike to the Amphitheatre? You won’t be alone! Sure enough, a small amount of concertgoers do end up biking to the venue. Bike racks are located at the front of the venue, to the left of the main gates. Keep in mind that bikes must be removed by 11:00 pm.

Additionally, if you operate an electric vehicle, please be aware that there are no charging stations on-site, so be sure to come with a fully charged vehicle battery.

12. Exiting the parking lot.

Truth be told, it’s going to be busy at the end of the concert when you try and leave from the parking lot. FivePoint Amphitheatre doesn’t overbook, but depending on the concert you may encounter a parking lot full of cars trying to leave at the same time after a night of musical fun.

Mercury customers who parked in the VIP lot and those who paid for super premium, RV/limo or guaranteed upfront parking, in addition to patrons who parked in accessible parking spaces, will get a separate initial exit out of the parking lot. Consult the FivePoint Amphitheatre FAQ for a list of parking fees.

Those who parked in general parking (included in the cost of your ticket) might not be as lucky. A tip? Early observations from parking staff suggest that traffic out of the parking lot tends to ease up a lot if you exit towards Chinon instead of Marine Way. The ensuing drive takes you on a windy road, but you may prefer that to a longer wait time for leaving the parking lot.

*List of allowable items for entry is subject to change without notice.

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