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Top 10 Most Affordable ‘Green’ Vehicles to Insure

More than 16 million new vehicles will be sold in the U.S. this year, and many car shoppers are considering an environmentally friendly vehicle – all-electric, hydrogen, hybrids, partial zero emission and ultra-low emissions vehicles. These shoppers are taking into account not only how the vehicle they drive helps the planet, but also how it impacts their wallets, too. And this decision could be a costly one if you don’t shop around. Rates for these vehicles can vary quite dramatically, so it’s important to choose wisely because certain companies offer much lower rates than others. For example, Mercury Insurance was recently recognized by Nerdwallet as the least expensive insurance option for electric car owners in California.

And, building on its green-car-friendly reputation, Mercury Insurance has compiled a list of the 10 most affordable cars to insure for environmentally conscious consumers. Using Green Cars 2016 directory of vehicles leaving the smallest environmental tread mark on the world, Mercury’s research and development team examined the top 200 make/model combinations to find the most affordable vehicles to insure. The list was created based on Mercury’s price for full coverage – liability, comprehensive and collision – in California.

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