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In Claims, we take pride in helping our customers when they need us most. We work diligently to ensure their entire claims experience is smooth and easy.

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From Auto to Property, we’ve got customers covered.

The Claims team provides service to customers by investigating and settling various types of auto and property claims. For auto claims, this includes auto physical damage, property damage liability, bodily injury, and rental. For property claims, we investigate and settle claims including fire damage, water damage, theft, and bodily injury.

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Mercury’s Claims Department covers three main areas.


Auto Claims

Our Auto Claims team helps our customers by investigating and settling auto accident claims.

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Claims Representative

Evaluates, investigates and adjusts claims.

Claims Specialist

Investigates and processes minor to moderate bodily injury claims, auto physical damage and property damage liability claims.

Claims Examiner

Evaluates, negotiates, and settles complex bodily injury and uninsured motorists claims.

Litigation Specialist

Negotiates settlement of complex litigated bodily injury and uninsured motorists claims.

Claims Supervisor

Supervises and coordinates claims handling operations.

Claims Manager

Manages all aspects of Claims department.

Medical Payment Specialist

Reviews and verifies accuracy of medical payments.

Medical Review Specialist

Reviews medical bills and explanation of benefits (EOB) to determine amount owed.

Rental Control Specialist

Investigates and evaluates rental car benefits claims as a result of an accident.

Specialist Investigator (SIU)

Investigates claims for suspected insurance fraud.

Subrogation Specialist

Reviews, negotiates, and collects monies owed to company.

Theft/Fire Specialist

Investigates and settles auto theft and fire claims.


Material Damage

Material Damage works with our clients both over the phone and face-to-face after an incident has occurred. The team inspects all parties’ vehicles to ensure timely and cost-efficient repairs.

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Appraisal Desk Reviewer

Reviews estimates and assesses vehicle damage.

Auto Appraiser

Inspects and evaluates physical damage to vehicles.

Appraisal Specialist

Assesses the current market value of unrecovered and total loss vehicles.

Material Damage Supervisor

Supervises and directs the appraisal activities and staff within assigned geographical area.

Material Damage Manager

Manages all aspects of the regional Material Damage department.


Property Claims

Our growing Property team takes care of our customers by investigating and settling commercial property and homeowner claims.

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Property Claims Trainee

Visits different properties investigating, evaluating, negotiating and settling basic Homeowner’s claim.

Property Claims Examiner

Evaluates, negotiates, and settles medium to high value claims.

Property Claims Field Specialist

Investigates, evaluates, negotiates and settles property claims involving loss or damage to personal property.

Property Adjuster

Investigates, evaluates and settles moderate to slightly complex Property claims.

Property Claims Supervisor

Assist in the supervision of the Property Claims branch.

Property Claims Manager

Responsible for the overall performance of Property claims branch.


In the 31 years I have worked at Mercury, I have first of all appreciated the high standards that Mercury has set on handling claims and dealing with our customers. This is shown in all the comments I have received from customers and how grateful they are for the services our company provides for them. Secondly, I love all of my coworkers that I have come to know over the years and have grown up with! We are all truly a family and this is evident by the Forbes report and what a great company we have to work for.

Lisa Openshaw Manager, Auto Claims (Hired in 1988)

I really enjoy working for Mercury for so many reasons. One very important factor is management, they really do care for their employees and we get treated like family. We are asked to provide our opinions and thoughts through surveys and those surveys go straight to the top and they do listen because leadership converts them into action. Company picnics are a lot of fun we get to go to Amusement parks and get to take our family too.

Cesar Merlan Claims Representative II (Hired in 2019)
Mercury Insurance Mission

Benefits Overview

We offer a variety of benefits to help our Team Members reach their health, retirement and professional goals!

Health and Financial

  • Medical, Dental, Life & Vision Insurance
  • Health Saving Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
  • 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan with Company Match
  • Bonus program
  • Flexible work-life balance

Time off

  • Vacation & sick days
  • 8 Paid holidays & 1 floating holiday
  • Bereavement Days
  • Military Leave
  • Family Medical Leave

Team Member Perks

  • Employee discount on Auto Insurance
  • Professional development
  • Education assistance
  • Casual attire for in-office positions
  • Business attire dress code for customer facing positions
  • Social events & selfie opportunities