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Over 40% of car buyers in America purchase a vehicle service contract and 6 out of 10 American’s can’t afford a $500 unexpected car repair*. Mercury empowers select companies to sell the highest quality vehicle service contracts that customers want. If your company encounters individuals during the vehicle purchase process, you could:

Boost your company’s financial stability with commissions on every vehicle service plan sold.

Improve customer loyalty and satisfaction by partnering with a trusted extended auto service plan provider and give your customers the security they’re looking for when purchasing a vehicle.

We provide custom solutions dependent on your business model to guarantee the best product for your customers.

Choose Mercury and work directly with an A-rated carrier.

As a direct insured and administrated program, we eliminate the middleman allowing us to control expenses, claims, customer service and maintain a high level of quality.

Choose Mercury for our financial strength.

You can be assured of Mercury’s financial strength with assets of 4 billion dollars.

Choose Mercury for peace of mind.

Mercury’s financial strength and stability lets the customers know we will be there 5-7 years from now, when they need us the most.

Choose Mercury for competitive pricing.

Our objective is to provide the customer with the most extensive coverage at the lowest cost. Keeping vehicles on the road longer.

Having Mercury’s Mechanical Protection ensures their vehicle will be on the road without disrupting their daily schedule.

Helps your customers budget.

One time, controllable expense that avoids future repair costs when least expected.

*2017 Bankrate Money Pulse Survey