Water Leak Detection Services

Mercury is partnering with Flume, a leading provider of smart water loss prevention technology. In select states*, Mercury will provide discounts on homeowners insurance after the device is installed and will keep the discount going as long as it is active.

*Mercury currently offers policy discounts for Flume on homeowners policies (HO-3 only) in the following states: AZ, CA (policies effective 12/15/2023 and later), GA, NJ, IL, NV, OK, TX, VA. Other states may be added in the future. In some cases, a policy may not qualify for a discount until renewal.

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Mercury’s smart home insurance is aimed at better protecting homeowners like you from the leading cause of damage to a property – water leaks! Due to water loss, homeowners lose access to their kitchens or bathrooms and, in some cases, be forced to move out of their home entirely for months, but Mercury wants to help prevent that from happening. As a bonus to getting a tremendous deal on smart home water detection products, you’ll also be saving money on insurance and quite possibly, your water bill, too!*

*This program is open to single-family homeowners with a current Mercury homeowners policy. The program has limited quantities and orders will be handled on a first come/first served basis.

Currently, a discount on insurance is available in select states, including AZ, IL, GA, NJ, NV, OK, TX, and VA. California policies are eligible for the discount on policies effective 12/15/2023 and later. In some cases, a policy may not qualify for a discount until renewal. Please speak with your agent to determine when the discount would apply.

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Flume 2 works with virtually any water meter and is easily self-installed in minutes. Flume’s app allows users to view and monitor indoor and outdoor water use from anywhere, at any time. This increased visibility provides complete home protection by catching and alerting users of leaks as they happen, both inside and outside of the home. To date the use of Flume products have resulted in lower water bills and the avoidance of potential catastrophic property damage due to leaks.

As a Mercury homeowners customer, you can purchase your Flume 2 for just $199 (plus tax and shipping), a savings of $50 off retail pricing. After the device is installed, you will qualify for a policy discount in select states, including AZ, CA (policies effective 12/15/2023 and later), GA, IL, NJ, NV, OK, TX, and VA. Please notify your agent after the device is installed.

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