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26 Home & Auto Insurance Tips From Experts

Smart Insurance Starts with Smart Tips

Insurance can be complicated or tricky to some, however, Mercury Insurance is here to help make it simple and easy to understand. For the past 60 years, Mercury has been helping consumers with their property and casualty needs and has become the go-to reference for all things insurance. Whether it’s information about auto, home or business insurance, Mercury’s helpful employees are there to help policyholders, hassle-free!

The team at Mercury has a multitude of smart insurance tips to share, so you can prevent mayhem or disaster from ruining your day. Keep reading to see how these smart tips can help you!

Here are some of the best home and auto tips, straight from Mercury Insurance’s team of experts:

  • Tip #1: “Buy any color of vehicle, it doesn't affect your insurance premium.” - Justin Yoshizawa, Mercury Insurance Director, Product Management State
  • Tip #2: “Regularly clean out the lint catch in the dryer to prevent a home fire.” - Bonnie Lee, Mercury Insurance Vice President, Claims
  • Tip #3: “Give ample space between your vehicle and the one in front of you to avoid a rear-end collision. This will keep you from being at-fault.” - Kevin Quinn, Mercury Insurance Vice President, Claims and Customer Experience
  • Tip #4: “Flush your toilet at least once a week, especially if you don't use that particular bathroom.” - Adam Bakonis, Mercury Insurance Product Manager State
  • Tip #5: “Your home is like a car, it needs a regular tune up.” - Bonnie Lee
  • Tip #6: “In the event of lightning, unplug appliances, starting with computers and phones.” - Bonnie Lee
  • Tip #7: “Keep gutters clean and use downspout extenders. Make sure gutters drain away from your home.” - Kelly Butler, Mercury Insurance Vice President, Chief Underwriting Officer
  • Tip #8: “Don’t forget to notify your agent company when your child gets their permit/license.” - Kevin Quinn
  • Tip #9: “Consider installing smart water loss prevention devices like Flo by Moen or Flume that constantly monitor the flow of water through your home. These devices will trigger a notification to your smartphone if they detect a leak and any device that helps you catch a leak earlier can prevent or reduce damages.” - Adam Bakonis
  • Tip #10: “Maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you while driving. A good rule of thumb that is easy to remember is one car length for every 10 MPH of speed. Traveling at 50 MPH means you need to be 5 car lengths or more behind the vehicle in front of you.” - Kevin Quinn
  • Tip #11: “Don't hide valuables in the master bedroom. It's the first place thieves check.” - Bonnie Lee
  • Tip #12: “Check your water heater for possible leaks or rusting on the tank, and listen for loud rumbling noises when the tank heats up water. Depending on the issue, the water heater may need maintenance or it may need to be replaced before damage from a leak occurs.” - Adam Bakonis
  • Tip #13: “Have a fire extinguisher on hand, especially in the kitchen where almost half of Home fires begin.” - Bonnie Lee
  • Tip #14: “Have you checked your state inspection sticker lately? Don’t let it expire!” - Joan Knaus, Mercury Insurance, Senior Sales Development Representative
  • Tip #15: “If you have a driver in High School or College ask about a 'good student' discount, Mercury offers it.” - Dana Taylor, Mercury Insurance, Senior HC Business Partner
  • Tip #16: “Inspect your home and plumbing regularly looking for evidence of leaks or water intrusion. This includes areas of the home that may not be typically visible such as behind furniture or in a closet.” - Randy Petro, Mercury Insurance Vice President, Chief Claims Officer
  • Tip #17: “Wear a seat belt the correct way. Most of us get that a seat belt should always be used. I’ve had to remind my mother-in-law who is visiting from Louisiana not to put the shoulder harness under the arm as it could injure you in a collision. Make sure to use a seatbelt correctly, with the shoulder harness over your shoulder (not under your arm) and to wear the lap belt on your hips/upper leg (not across your stomach).” - Wesley Padilla, Mercury Insurance, Process Manager Forms
  • Tip #18: “Check smoke and carbon monoxide alarms monthly. Set a recurring date or day such as the first Saturday of each month.” - Bonnie Lee
  • Tip #19: “Start your teen driving earlier than later, they are far less likely to drive a ton of miles while in high school and in theory means less likely to have an accident. It takes 3 years to establish a “good driver” rating. By the time they are ready to insure themselves they will have a “good driver “rating.” - Dana Taylor
  • Tip #20: “To prevent catalytic converter theft, consider having a cage installed on it. If not, consider parking your car in your garage or backing your car into the driveway against your garage door to make it harder to access.” - Randy Petro
  • Tip #21: “Conduct a vehicle walk around to help identify problems such as a nail in your tire or low brake fluid level.” - Wesley Padilla
  • Tip #22: “Keep your furnaces, lint traps, chimneys clean to help prevent fires.” - Bonnie Lee
  • Tip #23: “Take advantage of your local law enforcement’s statistical/mapping unit which may provide crime records for your neighborhood (free of charge). Whether it’s home burglaries or vehicle thefts, keeping an eye on the trends in your neighborhood and taking the appropriate precautions can help reduce your chances of being a victim.” - Wesley Padilla
  • Tip #24: “When a hail storm is forecast, move your car to a shelter, such as a garage, to prevent hail damage.” - Randy Petro
  • Tip #25: “Make sure to secure any items in your vehicle, including the cargo area to ensure they don’t hurt you in a collision.” - Wesley Padilla
  • Tip #26: “Move your vehicle over to the shoulder if it is safe to do so after a collision and ensure occupants remain in their seat belts if it is safe to do so.” - Wesley Padilla

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