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College Admission Essay Tips That Aren’t the Same as Others You’ve Read

There’s a lot going on this month, including Movember, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and buying – and hiding – gifts for December holidays. November isn’t all fun and games for millions of high school students, however, as they are hard at work writing college admission essays. There is no shortage of advice about how to make the best impression with those who hold the keys to higher education, but everyone gives the same boring recommendations … except for these folks.

These two articles present advice that is novel, insightful and easy to follow.

9 Essay Writing Tips to Wow College Admissions Officers

USA Today has good advice for essay writers: Think about who is reading your essays and consider writing them from the perspective of an admissions officer. These gate keepers want to get a sense of who you are and what you can add to the university, so it’s important to be authentic and real. This means that you shouldn’t simply flip through a thesaurus to find different ways to say the same thing. In fact, that’s tip number four!

College Essay Style Tips provides useful examples about style, language and word usage in college admission essays, which will help you become a better writer no matter what the topic.

One thing we can’t help you with, however, are some of the ridiculous essay topics some colleges give in their applications. You’re on your own with those!