Jazz Fest VIP Winner Announced!

Q: How did you find out about the Mercury Insurance Festival VIP Sweepstakes?

I continuously get concert and festival updates through music apps and previously attended events. The sweepstakes ad popped up when viewing the upcoming AXS concert list. It was exciting because the list of festivals offered were ones I had never attended!

Q: Did you complete the auto quote because you were shopping around for auto insurance or were you mainly interested in the potential prize for the sweepstakes?

To be honest, it was primarily for the sweepstakes competition but after seeing their quote and potential savings it quickly changed my attention. I was surprised how Mercury could offer the same coverage at such a reduced cost.

Q: Have you ever been to the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival before?

No, this is one festival that has eluded me for quite some time. I have had several friends visit New Orleans and take part in Jazz Fest but, unfortunately, I’ve never made it there. This will be an exciting trip with lots to see in such a wonderful place. There is no better place to see a jazz festival than in the heart of New Orleans.

Q: Why'd you choose to enter to win a trip to Jazz Fest out of all of the available festivals?

It could have not been more exciting to see this as a possibility. I have been to several large festivals: Lollapalooza, Sasquatch, Coachella, South by Southwest, Stagecoach, Bumbershoot, etc. They are all great and unique in their own way. It’s going to be so exciting to see how Jazz Fest turns out!

Q: What were your first thoughts when you found out you won the Jazz Fest trip?

It was a little bit of disbelief… because “no one ever wins these things.” When I received the phone call, it took me a minute to remember my sweepstakes entry. Once I realized what the call was about my excitement grew by the second – it was V.I.P. tickets to an event I have always wanted to attend! It couldn’t have been more perfect.

Q: Who do you plan to take with you on your VIP trip?

It was a tough choice at first because I have so many friends who love going with me to concerts. I decided to take someone who I have recently been introduced to and has the same passion for music as I do. We have already gone to a few concerts together in the short time I have known her and have booked tickets to go to several more over the summer.

Q: What about the festival are you most looking forward to?

It has to be the new artists. The biggest joy of any festival is to see the new talent making their way on stage. They are so excited to be there and you can always feel the energy they are putting into their performances. I went to 53 concerts last year and already am on track to beat that this year. Over half were to see young artists who love what they are doing and care so much for the music and their fans. Those oftentimes leave memories that outlast those of the larger singers and performances.

Any additional comments?

A: The anxiety is building as the days get closer to our flight out. Soooo excited for this opportunity to experience New Orleans at some of its best!