road signs quiz 2

How Well Do You Know Common U.S. Road Signs - Part 2

Admit it, on a regular basis you drive past a yellow road sign with a squiggly arrow on it and you have no idea what it means.

As drivers, we need to make decisions based on the important information provided by road signs.

In Part 1 of our U.S. road sign quiz, we tested your knowledge of everyday signs. Thought you did well on the quiz? You may find Part 2 to be a bit more challenging, it includes road signs you probably see less frequently. Depending on your score, this quiz may convince you to dust off that driver’s handbook.

How well do you know these more obscure U.S. road signs? Test yourself and your friends with the quiz below.

Road signs are there to help keep drivers safe. Knowing what each sign means will help prevent accidents and save lives.Share your quiz results with friends.SourcesU.S. department of Transportation Federal Highway AdministrationDriving-Test.orgNHTSA Report: Vehicle-Based Countermeasures For Signal and Stop Sign...New York DMV Internet OfficeAlberta Infrastructure and