Welcome to the

Mercury Insurance Concert Series

Do you miss live music?

Yeah, we do too, so we’re partnering with some incredible emerging artists to bring live music directly to you.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the music business, and nowhere is this impact more pronounced than with live performances. These talented musicians are facing months of uncertainty and cancelled shows that threaten to derail their dreams, so we’re partnering with select artists to bring the gig to you, putting money in artists’ pockets…and possibly yours, too.

Check out the artists below and enjoy a living room jam session from someone you already love, or better yet, discover someone new!

And while you’re waiting for the show to start, get a fast, free quote from Mercury Insurance. It takes less than 7 minutes and you may find that you could save a few hundred bucks!

Music has always been the ultimate healer and, now more than ever, the show must go on.

New shows to be announced soon!

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Past Performances

Alyssa Raghu

Performed on Nov. 20

Listen to Alyssa Raghu on Spotify


Performed on Nov. 19

Listen to Stefano on Facebook

Bri Bagwell

Performed on Nov. 12

Listen to Bri Bagwell on Spotify

Seth Rosenbloom

Performed on Oct. 30

Listen to Seth Rosenbloom on Spotify

Mike Love

Performed on Oct. 23

Listen to Mike Love on Spotify

Keisha Renee

Performed on Oct. 22

Listen to Keisha Renee on Spotify

Brandon Colbein

Performed on Oct. 15

Listen to Brandon Colbein on Spotify

Parker Lane

Performed on Aug. 27

Listen to Parker Lane on Spotify

Cory Young

Performed on Aug. 20

Listen to Cory Young on Spotify

Aubrey Logan

Performed on Aug. 14

Listen to Aubrey Logan on Spotify

Corey Harper

Performed on Aug. 6

Listen to Corey Harper on Spotify

Myra Molloy

Performed on Aug. 7

Listen to Myra Molloy on Spotify

Gene Noble

Performed on July 23

Listen to Gene Noble on Spotify

Justin Ratowsky (of Cali Conscious)

Performed on July 3

Listen to Cali Conscious on Spotify


Performed on July 2

Listen to Demola on Spotify

Jessica Lynn

Performed on June 18

Listen to Jessica Lynn on Spotify

Keaton Simons

Performed on June 11

Listen to Keaton Simons on Spotify

The Perfect Nines

Performed on May 30

Listen to The Perfect Nines on Spotify

Chord Overstreet

Performed on May 29

Listen to Chord on Spotify

Emily Coupe

Performed on May 13

Listen to Emily on Spotify

Flo Chase

Performed on May 12

Listen to Flo on Spotify

Jordan Rudess

Performed on May 8

Listen to Jordan on Spotify